The founders of The Violet Heart Project have collectively executed & participated in thousands of special events over their individual careers within the events industry. First hand, each VHP founder has witnessed, repeatedly, how much waste is produced on event, after event, after event. In particular, the biggest waste opportunity of all, it seemed, were the abundance of florals that would be tossed into a dumpster after only one day of use. Surely these beautiful blooms could be re-purposed and passed on to someone else in need!

Fast forward to the summer of 2016…


VHP Co-Founder Julie Danaylov enrolled in a personal growth and development course with Landmark Worldwide. Within the Self Expression and Leadership curriculum, participants were asked to create a community project of any kind with the sole purpose of paying-it-forward and making a positive change in the world. Seeing this as an opportunity to create meaningful impact within her favourite industry, Julie called up some of her dearest friends in the profession and got to work on a Not-For-Profit model that she believes will change the status quo within the Canadian market. Enter Greg, Stacy, Sonia, Alex, Kyle & The Violet Heart Project was born. Check out our amazing team here.


The MISSION of VHP is to become fully integrated into Canadian event SOPs {standard operating procedures}, to reduce event waste, and to bring joy to those in need.


The VISION of VHP is to have thousands of florals being paid-forward in Canada each week as a result of event hosts & producers integrating our service into each and every function.


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