The Violet Heart Project Frequently Asked Questions {FAQs}

Q: Is VHP a free/complimentary service?

A: VHP provides a fee-based service for the pick up, repurposing, and delivery of event flowers. Event hosts {*IE Event Organizers, Brides/Grooms, Corporate Planners, etc} pay for VHP’s services, and the recipients receive the flower arrangements free of charge.


Q: But wait, isn’t VHP a Not-for-Profit?

A: Yes, VHP is a registered not-for-profit organization. We work hard to acquire grants and donations in order to subsidize our services making the cost as low as possible for our event hosts. The floral donations are just that – donations which are free of charge to the recipients.


Q: Who are the recipients of the flowers?

A: All re-purposed florals are donated to hospitals, hospices, and long-term care facilities. People who are ill, veterans, senior citizens and those with disabilities encompass our VHP recipients. Their smiles = our goal!


Q: Is VHP a third-party service?

A: Yes, VHP is a third party service independent of your existing vendors (florists, décor firm, venue etc).


Q: How much should I account for in my event budget for VHP’s services?

A: All VHP services has a nominal fee that is quoted in a case-by-case basis. To ascertain an accurate quote for your special event fill out our REQUEST A QUOTE form


Q: Who can utilize VHP’s services?

A:  Event hosts of all kinds - People planning everything from corporate events, weddings, social events, and funerals.


Q: How can I become a VHP partner?

A: Click here to learn about how to become a VHP partner.


Q: Do any of the VHP board members make any money?

A: No, the VHP Board of Directors are volunteers who have input countless hours into this project. Their collective aim is to make a profound and positive impact and give back.


Q: If the BOD isn’t making money, then where do the funds go?

A: The money is used for important operating costs such as skilled labour, drivers, insurance, appropriate facilities, relevant equipment, administration, and supplies. VHP is proudly an equal-opportunity employer.


Q: How do I know my flowers were donated?

A: Part of your VHP service contract includes pictures of your flowers being paid forward so that you can share your good deed on social media with friends and loved ones.


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